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Main sectors of industry
Economic strengths
Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate
Industrial and enterprise zones
Energy industry

The region has been closely associated with the extraction and processing of coal for over 100 years. In response to the ever increasing demand in the GDR at that time, the Schwarze Pumpe gasifier evolved to become what was then the biggest lignite refining plant in the world. The regional growth centre of Spremberg is directly associated with the growth in this sector of industry due to the presence of "Schwarze Pumpe" industrial estate and is at the cutting edge of future developments in technology due to its proximity to the Vattenfall Schwarze Pumpe power plant and the pilot plant for carbon capture and storage.

Issues on the agenda in the energy industry

  • Energy conversion and energy transport/distribution
  • Buyers (downstream value-added chain), suppliers
  • Coal refining, renewable sources of energy, environmenally-friendly technologies, biotechnologies, biomass production
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