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Main sectors of industry
Economic strengths
Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate
Industrial and enterprise zones
Energy industry

The region has been closely associated with the extraction and processing of coal for over 100 years. In response to the ever increasing demand in the GDR at that time, the Schwarze Pumpe gasifier evolved to become what was then the biggest lignite refining plant in the world. The regional growth centre of ...more

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Plastics and chemicals

Well-known companies in the plastics industry, especially in the surface coating segment, have traditionally been associated with Spremberg. High levels of technical expertise and state-of-the-art production processes combined with a skilled workforce attract other companies in the plastics industry to the ...more

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Paper and packaging

When Hamburger Rieger GmbH & Co KG moved to the area and started paper production, it initiated another course for development and spelled diversification for the regional growth centre of Spremberg. The production of white paper grades and the high-tech processes used for their conversion form the basis ...more

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Copper mining

Having been granted permission to mine the Spremberg-Graustein-Schleife copper deposits, international holding company Minera S.A. - parent company of KSL Kupferschiefer Lausitz GmbH - is currently drawing up the plans and making the necessary preparations.

Issues on the agenda in the copper ...more

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Silicon production

The symbolic foundation stone was laid in 2008 when the official starting signal sounded for the construction of Silicon Pilot Production GmbH on the Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate.

An area of approximately 12,000 m² formed the plot on which Schmid Silicon Technology GmbH (SST) built an ...more

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